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Why Not Wine Wednesday

It's Wine Wednesday, friends.

To us when we think of Wine Wednesday we think of when we used to plop down on our apartments after work with our roommates and open up a bottle of red. We think of a time or two we cheers'd with our Moms at the kitchen island and talked about how our week was going. Oh, how we miss being with and drinking with our people.

If you're like us, you're quarantined alone or with a roommate or family... and we bet you're missing the rest of your normal social crew. We want to give you some ideas in which you can Wine Wednesday with your people over Zoom, facetime, even over the phone if you want. Here's our brain dump of ways to Wine Wednesday in quarantine that are fun and might bring some feelings of normalcy back to you.

1. Two words: Cheese Plate. Just because we can't gather doesn't mean we cant enjoy some nuts, chocolate, cheese-- or a lot of it. We at Tapster have found ourselves to be engaged in more creative activities than we normally would have while in quarantine. We have one team member who has gotten into painting, and one who has been into photoshopping a plethora of memes. Whatever your vice, right? Here's another way to get your creative juices flowing-- design a plate of noms: cheese, berries, cookies, anything that screams "SNACK AND EAT ME" on a plate for yourself to enjoy.

2. Arrange a wine tasting with you and your friends. Grab a Pinot Noir, a Merlot, a Sauvignon Blanc, or maybe all arrange to order one of those bottles that has a long Italian name where you can't quite identify what type of wine it is, but you're interested nonetheless. Taste each one together over Zoom and engage in colorful discussion about the floral notes in each sim, the essence of chocolate or woody aroma-- or hey-- just all agree on your favorite and least favorite.

3. Truth or Dare-- wine style. "I dare you to take a sip of your glass of rosé without using your hands!" "I dare you to guess where our white wine is from, if you get it wrong, you have to drink." How many unique questions and dares can you and your squad come up with involving your wine?

Any way you want to enjoy your wine and gather will be a great way. We hope these ideas spark some inspiration in your quarantine drinking journey.




What's on your mind? Thinking about your favorite alcohol, or have questions about how we can bring it to you? Lay it on us.